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  Physical Therapy Clinical Education Glossary from ACAPT

  Planning for the Future of Clinical Education

posted: September 12, 2019

Planning for the Future of Clinical Education

APTA, the Academy of Physical Therapy Education, and the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy are collaborating through the Educational Leadership Partnership to reshape physical therapy clinical education.


Three years ago, as a physical therapist assistant (PTA) student at Brigham Young University-Idaho, Brendon Larsen, PTA, like his classmates, was required to complete 2 clinical internships. The rotations, he recalls, were "really varied": One primarily was inpatient, the other mostly outpatient, and they exposed him to everything from home-based wound care and pediatrics to palliative care and sports medicine. "I wouldn't say I loved every aspect of my clinicals. I saw a lot of patients whose conditions were outside the niche I'd envisioned for myself. But their variety taught me a lot about the profession and led me to where I am today," Larsen says.

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SIG Resources

SIGCE Award Information and Committee Contacts

SIG Award Committee Members: 
  • Thank you to those who served on our 2019 SIG Award Committees! New committees will be formed within the DACEF and WMCEF this fall.

ACCE/DCE List of Contacts

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NCCE Information

  • NCCE Purpose: The National Consortium of Clinical Educators (NCCE) represents and engages academic and clinical educators through partnerships to advance excellence and innovation in physical therapist education.
  • NCCE website contains information about the NCCE, NCCE leadership, minutes of business and general membership meetings, resources including ACAPT and NCCCE Regional Liaisons, ELC meeting reports, and more.


ACAPT Information

  • ACAPT is the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy
  • ACAPT Vision: Transforming health and health care through excellence and innovation in physical therapy education.
  • ACAPT website contains information about ACAPT, ACAPT leadership, annual meeting minutes, motions and results, national student honor society, PT education research network, and more.
  • ACAPT Website: https://www.acapt.org/



APTE Information

  • APTE is the APTA Academy of Physical Therapy Education
  • The Academy serves as a point of contact for those interested in patient and professional education, and a mechanism for networking and professional development. The operative philosophies that support the entire Academy of Physical Therapy Education involve a commitment to excellence in education, scholarship about education and leadership within the profession that relies so heavily on the teaching and learning process to support and maintain health.
  • APTE website:  https://aptaeducation.org/

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