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Legislative News:

SB 582 is now: Act No. 62 Public Acts of 2018 - PT Addition to Disability Placard Authorization Effective June 12, 2018

posted: July 12, 2019

As the result of legislation introduced by MPTA, Physical Therapists are now able to authorize the need for a disability plackard.  

Physical Therapist’s Role in Issuing Disability Parking Permits in Michigan


Public Act 62 of 2018 amended the Motor Vehicle Code to add physical therapists to the list of individuals who are able to authorize/approve the need for disability parking placards. Public Act 62 of 2018 helps to meet the need of Michigan residents with mobility limitations to have more efficient access to health care providers who can determine qualifying conditions by adding physical therapists to those already identified in statute.


Eligibility Standards

  • The Michigan Vehicle Code (MCL 257.19a) states that persons with a qualifying disability, as determined by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, optometrist or physical therapist, may apply for a disability license plate or placard. To qualify a person must have one or more of the following characteristics which affect a patient’s ability to walk:
  • Blindness as determined by an optometrist, physician, or physician assistant.
  • Inability to walk more than 200 feet without having to stop and rest.
  • Requires a wheelchair, crutch, brace, or other ambulatory aid to walk.
  • A lung disease from which a person’s FEV1, when measured by spirometry, is less than 1 liter, or from which to persons arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 mm/hg of room air at rest.
  • Patient has a cardiovascular condition which measure between 3 and 4 on the New York Heart Classification Scale (http://www.heartonline.org.au/media/DRL/New_York_Heart_Association_(NYHA)_classification.pdf )     
  • An arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition that severely limits ability to walk.
  • Persistent reliance upon an oxygen source other than ordinary air.



  • Applicants complete Part 1 of the Disability Parking Placard Application from the Michigan Department of State.
  • A licensed Physical Therapist must complete Part 2 (Medical Eligibility Standards) of the Disability Parking Placard Application, including the certification section to determine permanent (>6 months) vs. temporary (<6 months) disability.
    • This determination is based on your clinical judgment as there are no specific criteria nor is there space to justify this determination on the form.  Your judgment should, however, be able to be clearly articulated if there were to be further inquiry by the Secretary of State.
    • Note that the online version of the form does not list the physical therapist as being able to complete Part 2.  This is an omission that is being corrected by the Secretary of State, who will accept the current form even with this omission.
  • If the applicant also qualifies for free parking (criteria listed on form), a Physical Therapist must complete Part 3.
  • Completed application may be presented at any Secretary of State branch office or mailed to the address on the reverse side of the application.
  • The Secretary of State plans to deplete existing paper applications before replacing them with the physical therapist added, but will still accept these old versions when completed by the physical therapist.
  • Although we do not expect the Michigan Board of Physical therapy to promulgate rules related to physical therapist determination of need for disability parking placards, it would be prudent to document all patient/client encounters as required by state law and professional practice standards.



House Bill 4108 Passed in the House 107-2!

posted: June 20, 2019

House Bill 4108, which adds Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants to the list of mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse has passed in the House with a vote of 107-2 on June 19, 2019!! A huge thank you to all members who reached out to their legislator in support this initiative, and to Rep. Roger Hauck from Mount Pleasant for introducing this important piece of legislation. Please take a few moments and thank your legislator for voting YES!


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