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2016 Elections - Candidates for Office
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Dr. Shoemaker is an Associate of Professor of Physical Therapy at Grand Valley State University.  His research is focused on the use of simulation in physical therapist education, direct access to physical therapy, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation with 29 peer-reviewed publications.  He currently practices in the acute care setting at the Spectrum Health Meijer Heart Center in addition to managing several pro bono community clients.  His clinical practice over the past 17 years has been focused on cardiopulmonary and geriatric rehabilitation across multiple practice settings including acute care, long-term acute care, long-term care, subacute care and outpatient care.  He has been an APTA member since 1996.  Dr. Shoemaker is currently serving as MPTA Vice President, and previously served as the MPTA's Legislative Director for 6 years, MPTA Delegate, and MPTA Legislative Chair.

Candidate Statement:
I am interested in serving as MPTA President because I would like to continue to grow and develop the ways in which the MPTA is able to serve our members, the profession, and ultimately our patients.  Over the past 10 years of serving on the MPTA Board of Directors, I have witnessed the power of harnessing the collective expertise of the membership and its volunteer leaders.  The knowledge and insight I have gained from current and former Board members has equipped me to effectively tackle the ongoing scope of practice and reimbursement issues that confront our great profession. It would be an honor to lead a group of professionals who are moving forward and who are united their desire to transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.


Dr. Mathis is the Inpatient Rehab Coordinator at Dickinson County Healthcare System in Iron Mountain, practicing in both the acute care and outpatient settings. He has been an APTA member since 1998. He currently serves as the Upper Peninsula District Chair, MPTA Delegate, and the MPT-PAC Chair. He also serves on the Finance, Membership, Legislative, and Conference Committees and well as administrating MPTA's Facebook pages. Past roles include Chapter Treasurer, MPT-PAC Secretary, and MPT-PAC Fundraising Coordinator. He has presented numerous times at the district level with topics including ethics, advocacy, and manual therapy.

Candidate Statement:
Eight years ago, a colleague recognized my passion for the profession and asked me to consider serving at the district level. There was a need for new leadership and I was ready to take a more active role. In that period of time I have worked to advance continuing education opportunities and promote advocacy for the profession. MPTA has also provided role models that have helped advance my leadership, listening, and critical thinking skills. I can only hope that my continued service to MPTA will allow me to give back even a fraction of what I have gained in my time at the chapter and district levels. I still have more to give and hope to help the Board to advance and refine our strategic plan during the next two years. Despite the big shoes that I would be filling, I am ready to meet the challenge and serve as your next MPTA Vice-President.


Dr Wilson is an assistant professor at Oakland University and an education coordinator at Beaumont Hospital – Troy where his clinical focus is Geriatrics and Acute Care Palliative Care. He is active in clinical research in the areas of Hospice/Palliative Care and Safe Patient Handling and Injury Prevention. Dr. Wilson has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on palliative care, chronic disease management and physical therapy. Dr. Wilson is currently serving as the Oncology Section's Hospice Palliative Care Special Interest Group Chair and as the coordinator of the Hospice/Palliative Care subgroup for the World Confederation's International HIV, Oncology, Palliative care (IPT-HOPE) network.

Dr. Wilson received his DScPT from Oakland University with a graduate certification in oncology rehabilitation.  He received his transitional DPT from University of St. Augustine with a Primary Care Certification and his Masters in PT from Oakland University.  In the past, Dr. Wilson has served the professional community as an Item Writer for the PT National Licensure Examination. In 2008, Chris obtained his ABPTS Geriatric Clinical Specialist Certification (GCS). Chris has been awarded Signe Brunnström Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching in 2015 and the APTA Emerging Leader Award for 2009.

He is serving as the current Speaker of the Membership meeting.  He has been a Delegate for the APTA House of Delegates for 10 years.  Chris has previously completed 13 years as a board member for the Michigan Physical Therapy Association. He is also the current Treasurer of the MPT-PAC.   Chris has been involved with the APTA at the national level as co-chair of the Midwest Regional Caucus in 2011.

Candidate Statement:
The MPTA is your professional association and your participation and feedback is essential to the future of our association in Michigan.  That participation and feedback is a key component at the MPTA membership meetings and my goal as Speaker of the Membership Meeting is to facilitate a meaningful exchange of ideas related to the happenings of the MPTA and where the association and the profession should be headed.  In addition to my experience chairing and organizing meetings at the international and national levels, I am well versed in Roberts Rules of Order, which is the parliamentary procedures that the MPTA utilizes to protect the rights of all members during the meetings.  These are uncertain times and your voice and access to member information is critical and my goal is to continue to streamline and provide meaningful association information in an enjoyable format that clinicians can immediately take back to their co-workers to give them updates on the activities of the MPTA and how they can be involved or provide input.  In my experiences as an educator, clinician and manager, I am well situated to lead our MPTA Membership Meetings as a member of the Board of Directors to provide a conduit for the most relevant and important information for your professional association's activities.  I look forward to continuing to serve as your Speaker of the Membership Meeting and am appreciative of the opportunity to serve.


Please contact Julia Rice at or 800.765.7848 if you are interested in running for this office.


As a physical therapist and co-owner of Northern Physical Therapy, I am responsible for the clinical leadership and am the Medicare Administrator for our six PT clinics and two fitness centers. I began my career as a Grand Valley State University graduate in 1988. My BS in Physical Therapy allowed me to spend time in acute care, burn unit, home health care, and finally outpatient orthopedics before purchasing Northern Physical Therapy in 2003. In 2008 I become a certified Mulligan practitioner and continue to take ongoing education courses in back pain treatment.

Over the last few years I've seen my role change a bit as I've gone from treating patients full time to spending more time in billing as Northern PT's Medicare Administrator. My goal is to help patients understand the ever-changing world of health insurance and Medicare. Under my supervision, Northern PT went live with electronic medical records in 2010. I also frequently lecture students at my alma matter on the ins and outs of billing and coding.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, scrapbooking, card making, reading mysteries, and spending time at the cottage.

Candidate Statement:
I want to serve the part of MPTA's Reimbursement Director because I am passionate about the reimbursement, insurance, and payment portions of our field. As PT's we are required to possess a great deal of knowledge and to provide a service that is both incredibly invaluable and beneficial. I want to continue to educate others and fight for stronger reimbursements where physical therapy is concerned - with these outcomes we will only see benefits for both our patients and the field of physical therapy.


I am a candidate for the position of Director of Membership and Professional Development for the MPTA. I earned my masters in Physical therapy from Touro University in New York City. My doctoral degree is from MSU in the area of Adult Learning with concentrations in leadership development, and self directed learning. I have been a PT for 30 years. I have worked in numerous environments ranging from acute care hospital to community based TBI programs. I had my own clinic and now I am the interim director and a member of the team developing a DPT program at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI.  My membership in the MPTA has ebbed and flowed. I have a strong desire to reach out to our colleagues who are disenfranchised, and develop creative pathways for them to reconnect to the organization. I believe that every voice should be heard, and I would be honored to be part of the team to accomplish that goal.

Candidate Statement
I am running for the position of Director, Professional Development and Membership. I have been a PT for 30 years. I have worked in numerous environments ranging from acute care hospitals to various community based TBI programs. I had my own clinic and now I am a faculty member who is part of a dynamic team developing a DPT program at Davenport University.  My membership in the MPTA has ebbed and flowed so I can appreciate why PTs do not maintain their membership in the professional organization. I have a strong desire to reach out to our colleagues who are disenfranchised, and develop creative pathways for them to reconnect to the organization. I believe that every voice should be heard, and I would be honored to be part of a team to accomplish that goal.


Dr. Lookabaugh-Deur has been a proud member of the MPTA, APTA, and professional of physical therapy for nearly 36 years. Holly has a BS in physical therapy from the University of Connecticut; followed by Masters of Health Sciences from Grand Valley State University, and Doctor of Science in Geriatric Physical Therapy at Rocky Mountain University.  Holly's career began with 10 years of acute care experience, followed by 6 years in education, creating the PTA curriculum and serving as PTA Program Director at Baker College of Muskegon, and Dean of Health and Human Services. She continued in geriatric care during this time, and pursed her doctoral program as well.  With patient care as her primary passion, she returned full time to geriatrics in 1996, and founded Generation Care, PLC in 1999.  Her clinical research efforts have focused in the geriatric care area, with current efforts in oncology rehabilitation. She served on a CDC funded research team focused on Fall Prevention from 2001- 2004.  Publications include research in the area of urinary incontinence, as well as self studies for the Geriatric and Aquatic specialty sections.  She continues to teach as an adjunct instructor at CMU in the areas of aquatics and fall prevention. She is a board certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist and certified Wound Care Specialist and has completed an Oncology Rehabilitation residency. She is a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adult from the Geriatrics section of the APTA.   Holly currently serves on the Board of Directors of the MPTA. Lookabaugh- Deur is deeply committed to ethical, evidence-based clinical practice, professional and educational mentoring and development, and the critical role of consumer choice in health care reform.

Candidate statement:
I am running for a second term as the Director of Professional Development and Membership so I can finish some of the initiatives I began in 2014.  This is an exciting time to be a physical therapy professional in Michigan, and with the changes in re-licensure requirements, the need for quality continuing education in Michigan, and the MPTA BOD's plans for web site enhancement and PDR tracking, there is so much work to be done!   I have embraced this role and worked hard to begin making  processes related to professional development as simplistic and straight forward as possible.   Our membership committee has great leadership, and I hope to be a vehicle to help them accomplish everything they envision.  Our professional apathy in Michigan is of grave concern to me, and I hope to make a positive impact in any way that I can!


Jake has been a member of the MPTA / APTA since 1976. She has enjoyed serving in numerous roles over the years, including past Eastern District Vice Chair and Chair, former Academic Administrators Chair, former Speaker of the Membership Meeting as well as serving on various committees for the Eastern District and Michigan Chapter. Additionally, Jake was an invited member and consultant to APTA Coalitions for Consensus on Preferred Roles of PT and PTAs and APTA Clinical Education for PTs.

Two of the most professionally challenging and personally rewarding positions for Jake was her past service as former Chief Delegate for the Michigan Chapter and serving as the MPTA President from 2009 until 2012. As Chief Delegate, Jake made sure that MI Delegates were well prepared and represented MPTA proudly at the APTA House of Delegates.  Under Jake's leadership as President, MPTA achieved licensure for PTAs, enjoyed membership growth and intensified efforts in the arenas of reimbursement and legislative advocacy.

Jake currently serves as a Delegate, is a member of the Legislative and Reimbursement Committees, is a MPT-PAC Trustee, is the Chapter Ambassador to the APTA PT-PAC and is Chair of the Bylaws Committee. Jake guided the effort to update the MPTA Bylaws as a "thank you" for all the Chapter has allowed her to experience. Jake readily admits that she will enjoy relinquishing the role of Chair of the Bylaws Committee when the MPTA membership votes on the updates in the near future!

Candidate Statement:
The APTA House of Delegates is the policy making body of the APTA. Jake is very interested in serving as a Delegate again to continue to shape the policies and priorities of the APTA, especially under APTA's new leadership effective June 2016.

Jake remains especially interested in guiding APTA policies that impact on advocacy in the legislative arenas including the US Congress and State Legislatures.

Jake also wants to contribute to policies and plans that promote physical therapy services to the public, third party payers and other stakeholders who need to know the value of physical therapy services in preventing injury, improving and promoting health restoration and wellness. The APTA Vision: "Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience" guides our APTA priorities very well. Our MPTA priorities also benefit from APTA's broad outreach, which is true for all of APTA's components.

Especially with the new changes in APTA leadership; Jake looks forward to guiding APTA priorities as our association enters this new beginning. Jake has the skill set to move membership priorities forward as a Michigan Chapter Delegate and respectfully asks for your vote.


Chris Nawrocki is the Chief Operating Officer at the Center for Physical Rehabilitation (CPR), a position he has held for 12 years.  He has over 21 years of orthopedic clinical practice. Overseeing a staff of 70 employees has allowed him keen insight into communication, transparency and advocating for our profession. He has stayed involved throughout his career by continually being a member of the APTA/MPTA and the Orthopedic and Private Practice Sections. CPR strongly supports our profession by paying full 100% of employee MPTA/APTA dues.  As a clinician he has attended multiple CEU courses and has advanced certifications in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT) and being credentialed as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the ABPTS.

Candidate Statement:
Being active and involved in our profession has been a natural evolution for me.  I was a Board Member of the Great Lakes Physical Therapy Provider Network (GLPTPN) for 10 years before ascending to Vice President for 3 years. I helped them in their strategic vision and was the main contact for them in advocating for a third party outcomes based system through Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes

(FOTO). Because of this experience I was able to attend multiple insurance payer meetings advocating for improved reimbursement. As an extension to this role, I volunteered to be the main liaison between GLPTPN and MPTA. I was on the initial MPTA referral for profit committee and now serve on the reimbursement committee. I was asked by the MPTA to serve as a substitute Delegate to the State Policy and Payment Forum in Seattle Washington in September 2015 which was highly energizing and educational to attend.  There are many changes looming in our future and I would be honored to represent the MPTA as we advocate for our patients.


Dr. Pfalzer provides service and holds leadership roles at the local, state, and national levels in the APTA, Oncology and Education Sections, and Michigan Chapter. She was recognized for her service and leadership provided for the Oncology Section receiving the career service award, the Jeri F Walton Service Award, for several leadership roles including president of the section. She is currently a member of the Oncology Section:  Specialization Task force, Research Committee, Edge Task Force, and Editor of Rehabilitation Oncology, the section journal. Her service to the MPTA was recognized with the Marjorie Stamm Award for Exceptional Leadership and Dedicated Service for service to the Northeast district, MPTA Board of Directors, and CEU Task Force, and as a MPTA delegate. She has distinguished herself with a focus on the role of physical therapy for patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and HIV/AIDS. Her record of scholarship includes 27 refereed papers, 10 non-refereed papers, 9 book chapters, and 160 scientific and professional presentations worldwide. She serves as an Associate Investigator and consultant to NIH on the two protocols she authored and resulting studies have changed breast cancer rehabilitation in the USA and throughout industrialized countries. Dr. Pfalzer is a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine since 1992. In recognition of her teaching, research and service to the profession she was named a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the APTA in 2007. She is well qualified to serve as a delegate for the Michigan chapter.

Candidate Statement:
I have had the privilege of serving several years as a delegate for the Michigan chapter and believe I have provided substantial service to the Michigan chapter, APTA and profession in this role.  Delegates represent the views of members of the chapter at the House of Delegates (HOD) of the APTA.  Knowledge of governance which is now year round, the APTA vision, guiding principles, and policies and procedures is important in this role and I am well versed in these.  In addition, my background in cancer rehabilitation has been useful as several recent motions in the HOD, a few which have come from the Michigan chapter, have related to cancer rehabilitation.  One important initiative linked to the APTA vision statement adopted the last year I served as a delegate is the Movement System and summit for the Movement System is this December.  There is no aspect of physical therapy education, research and practice including reimbursement that not be impacted by this initiative ("The Movement System Brings It All Together", or see article in May 2016 PT in Motion Magazine article ) I am happy to serve and represent the views of members of the Michigan chapter in year round governance in the HOD and to assist with dissemination of the information from the summit and HOD to members of the Michigan chapter.


Dr. Talley is the Associate Director of Professional Education in the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Michigan-Flint. Prior to UM-Flint she was on the faculty at the Physical Therapy Program at Wayne State University for over 30 years. During that time she served as the Academic Program Director (10 years) and as the Director of Clinical Education for 14 years.  Dr. Talley has practiced physical therapy services in a wide variety of setting including outpatient pediatrics, inpatient and outpatient neurology, acute care including cardiac rehab, and palliative care. She has presented her research at regional and national professional conferences with focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning as well as the relationship between physical performance, falls and balance in children and older adults. She has been a member of the MPTA for over 40 years and has served the Eastern District and the MPTA in a wide variety of positions (both elected and volunteer) for 30 of those years. Most recently she has served as the MPTA President for 4 years and Speaker of the Membership the previous 4 years. Dr. Talley is also a current trustee on the MPT-PAC.

Candidate Statement:

It is an honor and privilege to be slated as a candidate to represent you as a delegate to the APTA House of Delegates. The HOD is the decision making body of our professional association… to be entrusted to help shape the direction of our profession is an important responsibility.  I have been a delegate these past four years by virtue of my role as President.  As president I have been able to continue to grow and develop in my understanding of the many issues impacting our practice and profession and I hope to utilize that understanding in representing you, your practice and your profession well.  It is important to raise the difficult questions, to challenge assumptions, to keep an open mind and to offer ideas and actions to help us navigate the many opportunities and challenges we have as physical therapists. I look forward to continue to do this. My time on the MPTA Board of Directors ends in January and it has been a great pleasure to serve our profession… I hope that you will elect me to continue to represent you in the House of Delegates for the next 2 years.


Gayle A. Wallace is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant currently practices in acute care setting at Beaumont Hospital in Troy Michigan. Her clinical practice over the past 25 years has been focused on Neurological and Geriatric rehabilitation across multiple practice settings including acute care, long-term acute care, sub-acute care and inpatient care. She has been an APTA member since 1988. Gayle Wallace has served as clinical instructor for eight years from Macomb Community College SPTA's. She has served as advocate at Legislative breakfast meeting in Lansing and attended multiple MPTA Eastern District meetings and conferences.

She is active in advanced clinical education achieving the American Physical Therapy Association's Recognition of Advanced Proficiency for the Physical Therapist Assistant for Geriatrics Physical Therapy August 2015. She received her Associates of Applied Science degree from Macomb Community College in 1989.

Candidate Statement:
I am interested in serving as MPTA PTA Caucus Representative because I would like to continue to grow and develop the ways in which the MPTA is able to serve our members, the profession, and our patients. I look forward to serve as your PTA Caucus Representative and am appreciative of the opportunity to serve.


I am a graduate of the University of Michigan Physical Therapy program and have a Masters of Education from Wayne State University in Health Education.  I was a pediatric certified specialist until 2015.  I am currently retired from the University of Michigan Flint, where I held the position of Associate Director of Clinical Education.  I continue to be active in the PT profession by teaching sections in the pediatric courses for Baker College PTA program, Auburn Hills and assisting with clinical experiences for the Geriatric class at the UM-Flint Curriculum.  I continue to teach both the Basic and Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program through the APTA.

Candidate Statement:
I am running for the Nominating Committee Member at Large to continue in the position I was appointed to this past June.  The nominating committee is an important part of the MPTA since this group is responsible for recruiting passionate, talented and committed members to lead our association.

It is also our responsibility to look at members and to mentor their leadership development for future positions in the MPTA.


Alicia graduated from Delta Colleges PTA program in May of 2015. She was the President of the PTA club and helped jump start their Project Shared program that helps people in need receive assistive devices. From there she began working for an outpatient clinic along with inpatient when needed. She has been a member of the APTA since 2013.

Candidate Statement:
I am interested in continuing to serve as the MPTA Nominating Committee Northern District Chair because it has been an honor to serve this past year. I have learned so much, and would like to continue to do so. I have seen firsthand how strong and dedicated the MPTA is to serving its members and would like to be a part of that team!


Karen Ozga has been the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education/Director of Clinical Education for the PT Program at Grand Valley State University since 1990. She earned a BS in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University and a MMSc from Emory University. She was a past member of the Nominating Committee, and she currently serves on the MPTA Awards Committee and as Co-Chair of the West Michigan Clinical Education Forum of the MPTA Special Interest Group for Clinical Education.

Candidate Statement:
As a member of the Nominating Committee I will strive to recruit qualified candidates for MPTA positions through my many contacts with clinicians in west Michigan.


I have been a member of the APTA since 1996. I am a member of Michigan Chapter and Geriatrics, Neurology and Oncology sections. After earning a PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan, I joined the Physical Therapy Department of University of Michigan-Flint in 2010. Currently I am an assistant professor at the university. I became a certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in 2011. I had worked as a staff physical therapist for acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient neurologic and vestibular rehabilitation at St. Joseph Chelsea Hospital at Chelsea, Michigan, from 2007 to 2015. I am passionate about evidence based practice and knowledge translation in the real world. My research findings in postural control and fall risks have been disseminated in more than 40 conference presentations and published as manuscripts in several peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, Gait and Posture, International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, Clinical Interventions in Aging, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, and Rehabilitation Oncology. I have successfully mentored students and physical therapists on professional development, clinical practice skills, and research. Through collaboration with physical therapy colleagues, I have taught numerous continuing education programs on the topics of balance and fall prevention in cancer survivors at meetings, including the MPTA Northeastern District meeting, MPTA Fall Conference, APTA Combined Sections Meeting, APTA Annual Meeting, and APTA Oncology Section regional workshops.

Candidate Statement:
As a member of the MPTA, I can attest that the MPTA Institute for Education and Research is instrumental in promoting education, research, and other scholarly and professional activities of physical therapy in Michigan. For example, the MPTA Institute provides several grants, scholarships, and awards annually. My students at the University of Michigan-Flint had been nominated and received the Team Rehab Scholarship. My colleagues have applied and received grants to fund research projects. I had the honor of receiving the Mabel E. Holton Award in 2014 in recognition of the publication of my research findings about quality of life and fall risks in older cancer survivors. These wonderful opportunities have greatly encouraged and supported students and physical therapists in their effort of pursuing excellence and scholarly endeavors in physical therapy. Should I be elected to the MPTA Institute trustee, I will bring the following strengths: I have leadership experience including serving on several university committees, APTA Oncology Section EDGE (Evaluation Database to Guide Effectiveness) Task Force, and MPTA Nominating Committee. I am organized, goal-oriented, responsible, and thorough; and I am a team player. I am able to facilitate collaboration among group members to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. I like exploring innovative ideas and solutions for challenging issues and situations. I work well as a team member. The work as a trustee requires an organized and coordinated effort to accomplish the mission of the MPTA Institute. I am confident that my past experience has prepared me well for this position.


Dr. Orloff is a physical therapist at BorgessSpine in Kalamazoo, MI an outpatient orthopedic clinical focusing on Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. He is the central coordinator for clinical education and coordinator for student observations and Interdisciplinary Clinical Education (ICE) for Western Michigan University School of Medicine. He is a reviewer for the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy. As an active APTA/ MPTA member for the last 12 years he has been the Federal Affairs Liaison, Western District Chair (including MPTA Delegate duties) and organized or coordinated several very successful MPT PAC fundraiser events. Dr. Orloff has also presented at the MPTA spring conference and Student Conclave. In 2014 he received the prestigious APTA Emerging Leader Award.

Candidate Statement:
I am interested in serving as MPTA Institute Trustee because I am committed to evidence based practice. I feel that we need to promote research at all levels to ensure that our profession stays at the top of rehabilitation, prevention and wellness. This includes research in the form of case reports to multi site trials investigating the efficacy of current practice or developing new interventions. I believe that my experience with fundraising and research gives me a unique perspective that would be beneficial to the MPTA Institute.


Chris Hinze is a physical therapist who works with older adults in the outpatient and sub-acute rehabilitation settings at the Grand Traverse Pavilions in Traverse City, MI. For the past two years, Chris has served as the Vice-Chair for the MPTA's Northern District, as well as a Delegate to the APTA's House of Delegates and Vice-Chair of the MPT-PAC. When not seeing patients or advocating for the profession, Chris enjoys exploring the beauty of Northern Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

Candidate Statement:
Over the past two years I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as the Vice-Chair of the newly formed MPTA Northern District. District Chair Tim Zipple and I are proud to have worked to bring high quality continuing education offerings to various locations throughout the District. If elected Chair, I would aim to strengthen communication with District members and potential members to better understand the needs of our District. I would also continue to strive to bring accessible and excellent professional development opportunities to locations throughout the DIstrict. Lastly, I would aim to identify and mentor future leaders to ensure a bright future for the Northern District.


I am a Graduate of GVSU Class of 2013, current MPTA Western District Chair, on the Board for the MPTA, and an MPT-PAC Trustee. I work at Spectrum Health Visiting Nurse Association as a Clinical Case Manager and Staff PT and provide coverage PT services for the Center for Acute Rehab at Blodgett Hospital. I am currently in the process of completing the CEEAA certification, preparing for the GCS exam, and I am an APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor. I am a strong proponent of our profession and my husband, Josh, and chihuahua, V!va, support me daily.  I enjoy spending my free time pretending to be a chef for my friends, checking out local restaurants and breweries, and playing Team Trivia!

Candidate Statement:
As the current District Chair for the Western District I have invested time in improving district communication through social media, improving the Facebook page, as well as keeping it updated with regular district, state, and national happenings. I have served the district at district meetings, at state and national conferences, and arranged legislative advocacy events. I am a proponent and supporter of PTs as a frontline for pain management to reduce dependence on narcotic pain medications as well as being a strong supporter of direct access and PTs as patient educators. I would like to continue my work for the profession throughout another term as District Chair with the goals of addressing fundraising and PAC support and improving our professional advocacy presence at the state level.


GS has been a director of the ED MPTA since the last nominations. She is involved in the planning and organizing of continued education events as well as social media updates. Her focus is on education and professional excellence through patient centered learning with improving opportunities for the student and graduate of PT and PTA programs in southern Michigan.

She currently is a Senior Physical Therapist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and teaches in the PTA at Macomb Community College.


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